Cold water storage tank refurbishment

BS 8558:2011 (Water bylaw 30) states that cold water storage tanks must be in reasonable condition by adhering to the following:

  • Internal surfaces of the tank(s) are free from scale, scum, corrosion, silt, stagnation and other foreign bodies.
  • An appropriate lid of non-wood construction is tightly fitted and complete with screened breather vent(s) and inspection hatch.
  • Water stored within the cold water storage tank(s) to be below 20°c, clean and fresh
  • All overflows and warning pipes have approved insect screens fitted.
  • All cold water storage tank(s) should have appropriate insulation fitted to help prevent fluctuation of temperatures within. We recommend 50mm foil faced.
  • We are able to offer custom built storage tank lids, manufactured in 18g galvanised or GRP, if required.

The stage of corrosion will determine the coating required, as there are many coatings available for the internal refurbishment of tanks that have corrosion.